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About our bussines

Premer Savković was founded in Lazarevac in 2004. and the activity we deal with is geodetic work of all kinds.


The company is licensed by the Republic Geodetic Authority with a work license and graduate geodetic engineers have design and performing licenses of the Serbian Chamber of Engineers.


Tendecy for improvement and constant innovation have never been a topic of debate, so today we have the latest technology and we offer modern engineering solutions to all your problems.

CEO statement

CEO statement

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Marko Savković

    With constant innovation, dedication and long-term planning, we strive to become the leading company in Serbia, in creating, providing solutions and pushing the boundaries of geodesy.

„We do not provide services, we provide solutions”

Main services

Main services

Expert team Premer Savković is capable of doing any type of geodetic work and is especially specialized in topographic surveys, surveys of underground and overhead lines, all types of cadastral geodesy, engineering auscultation projects, geodetic marking projects as well as geodetic works in low and high construction . We have modern geodetic measuring instruments, office space, software and vehicles.


Our LIDAR system can be adapted for scanning from an airplane or vehicle and according to that we are ful- ly prepared to meet all the needs and requirements of our clients.


The terrestrial scanner provides detailed and highly accurate 3D data quickly and efficiently. There are a wide range of applications.

Engineering geodesy

Successful exploitation of buildings is not possible if the designed geometry within the given toleranc- es is not achieved for them.

Project documentation

Successful exploitation of buildings is not possible if the designed geometry within the given toleranc- es is not achieved for them.





The aircraft lidar survey was performed in order to create a topographic plan for the projecting of the transmission line.



With this project, CAD documentation of complete traffic signals of the busy streets of Belgrade was made.



The project carried out a lidar survey of the Inđija-Šid railway in order to create a basis for reconstruction.

Are you looking for medium and large imagery with the highest accuracy and reliability?

Premer Savkovic combines a point cloud and photographs in order to offer his clients a whole range of product's such as powerline inspection, 3D city models with textures, high-resolution ortophotos and more.



The latest generation equipment we possess

We do not want to doubt the quality of our services. That is why we have a scanner of the latest generation that allows us to generate 3D images of facades, buildings, streets etc. The picture shows an example of 3D images of our office and the where the smallest details can be seen as well as high spatial precision. This certainly allows us to solve various engineering challenges and meet all the criteria of our clients.

Terrestrial imaging of transmission line poles in Begaljica

Engineering geodesy

Engineering geodesy


After the construction of the substruction of the building, the engineering team controls the substruction, makes a geodetic survey and a record. After this, we are sure that everything is on construction line.


On this project, our team monitored the execution of works during the construction of the facility. In particular, the pillars are marked on the field and the position was controlled.


This procedure is necessary when the building is not registered in the real estate cadastre, and the owner wants to obtain a use permit, to register the ownership, to carry out the legalization procedure or the procedure of proving the ownership.

Project documentation

Project documentation

Reconstruction and modernization of the railway section Niš-Brestovac

Geodetic network projects and geodetic marking project represent the basis of all geodetic works within one construction site. In order to ensure quality transfer of the project to the field, this procedure gives the investor security, reduction of costs due to avoided extraordinary works and acceleration of the construction process due to the definition of all geodetic activities within the construction.

Project of geodetic observation of the building and soil of the Pančevo Thermal Power Plant and Heating Plant

Soil and facility settlement projects, in addition to the legal obligation, insure investors against potential unforeseen critical situations and provide continuous insight into the behavior of soil and facilities during construction. This information provides a better insight into the situation on the construction site and the possibility of timely decisions that can contribute to financial savings or prevent catastrophic consequences.


Why our company?

Why our company?


Expertise and dedication

Among other things, we single out the fact that our company is made up of ambitious and professional people who are ready to maximum dedicate themselves in order to solve every engineering problem.


Optimal solutions

We strive to always provide our clients with the most optimal solution that would meet all the limitations and requirements of the project.



We take care to minimize the costs of our clients while efficiently implementing the project within adequate deadlines..

Our experience

The experience of almost two decades gives us confidence and security in performing the work.

As the years went by, we realized that experience in geodesy was one of the most important things. Various engineering challenges have made our knowledge and mastery in the methods of geodetic measurements, but also the knowledge of the instruments themselves, be at a very professional level.

Today’s level of development of our company has enabled us to fully understand your needs and engineering problems. In this regard, the system of our business always provides all clients with good communication and cooperation.



Making of cadastral-topographic plan,
Vlasina Lake

Setting up the LIDAR
system, Albania.

Terrestrial recording of
refinery in Pančevo.

Static method of recording, Zrenjanin.

Recording of underground instalation, Belgrade

Terrestrial recording in Dimitrovgrad.

Our construction site in Bor.



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